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Newa caurtfs^ (^Harper College What do these three campus activities have in common?

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*\ddaviopi*»' h« •ftoctatf If Hm B»ai4 «f Tntat MS ami tf MTtc MMtoa /CTMG En T0R4N«HCF Who will be the most effected by the strike is » lough question to answer considering everyone will feel some sort of efftects.

For certain if a strike is to happen, and it drags out, the students involved in campus activities would he effected the most.

Females had fewer and smaller wounds than males at this point.

At the end of the treatment period, no effect of vitamin E could be discerned, but significant wound healing occurred after wheel blocking in both males and females.

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At the end of the pre-treatment period, none of the animals without wheels had paw wounds, whereas at least 75% of the females and 100% of the males with wheels did.

At baseline, 1,871 men (29.5%) had the metabolic syndrome.