Dating hes giving me time

23-Jan-2018 13:19

Clarify missed calls Did he take hours to call back? If you’re just someone he is having temporary fun with, he isn’t concerned about you getting pissed about those things.But if he makes a point of saying, “Hey, sorry for taking so long, I was hung up in etc, etc” or “Oh my god I just realized you sent me a text when I was at work and I completely forgot to answer! ” then you’re not someone he is willing to let go of easily.Does he often look for ways he can be of service to you?Men don’t do that just for a woman they are trying to sleep with or casually date for a short period of time.

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Plan ahead If you’re just a fling to him, you are (unfortunately) kind of replaceable.

Is there a book you enjoy reading or a show you enjoy seeing?