Armory not updating 4 2

10-Sep-2017 17:46

armory not updating 4 2-43

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You just hoped that the metals would be able to support you during the day, but you did not get much further then adding upgrades to your newly crafted armor that defends your life.After wandering through the world you found different pieces of a book that made you wonder. You started hammering around on them and found out that you can at least weld them in a way that you can wear them.When you first entered this wonderful world you noticed that hot metals are modifiable into rings and chains.After thinking about the metals and how they behaved when you used them as tools, you realized (may or may not have been due to a unfortunate encounter with a natural inhabitant of this brave new world) that you can use those metal rings and chains to protect your, oh so precious, Life.

“The Armory is a hard base to fight over due it being on top of the grassy hill.They used the magical energy in the air, the ground and in every object around you! After finding some more parts of research you managed to finally harness the powers of those crystal you were trying to fit onto you armor a couple weeks ago, even though it nearly killed you then you know think that they maybe of some use.This breakthrough may give you access to something so powerful you wish you had it when you were born.Now that I open the software and go to check for updates, it tells me I have the latest updates.

However I wonder if this is the latest updates to the wireless receiver itself and not just the mouse and the software ( I heard u should also update the receiver itself).

It will also import gear and stats for all characters.