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03-Aug-2017 17:40

Picture the scene – you’re perched at the side of the bar, armed with nothing but a drink and a barrage of chat-up lines. Of course, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t come on this strong after making first contact.

You’ve got your eyes on a potential significant other on the other side of the room – they seem to be showing you some serious interest, so here goes:“Will you marry me? Yet in the world of B2B lead nurturing, many marketers are still adopting an ultra-keen and potentially costly approach when talking to interested parties.

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But here in San Diego, singles have possibly the worst time of all.Our friends at Thrillist came out with a list of reasons why dating in San Diego is different (read: more difficult) than anywhere else…If you’re not into surfers or yogis…well…better luck on the East Coast because your dating pool in San Diego just got much smaller. ) If you plan a date with someone, just assume that it’s tentative. Before you propose to someone, it’s probably best to get to know them first, right?

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Read our top tips to B2B lead nurturing below to help turn failed first dates into long-term relationships with prospects.

Darren Williams from said: "Rottnest is no doubt a beautiful location – and perhaps getting a selfie with a quokka is the perfect way to break the ice on a first date!